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"Sharing Insights" by James R. Regan - Your Child Will Love to Read - This Is How

"Sharing Insights" by James R. Regan - Your Child Will Love to Read - This Is How

Reading, like every other activity we want to learn requires practice. At an early age, getting your kids to start learning to read might not come easy and natural. They always seem distracted or are too focused on other things of interest, like toys.

While it may seem like a hard nut to crack, children can love to read at a tender age. On this blog, we will explore all the possibilities, but before that, we have to understand certain things.

Not every child is naturally drawn to reading. Some of them see it as hard work and not fun. When something is hard work, we all know how people shy away from it. The real question is, how do you fashion reading in such a way that it will be appealing to kids?

Things parents can do to encourage your child to read:

Read to Them Always.

An image they say carry about a thousand words. The same exists if you continuously repeat reading books and novels to a child growing up. It is one of the first things they master before moving on to others.

Reading to kids enhances their level of comprehension to be well vast in various fields. A person who can read and understand anything is a step closer to solving his problems.

Reading to kids also helps improve their vocabulary as they are growing up. A lot of things hang in the balance while a kid is growing up, one of these is speech. By listening to how certain words are pronounced opens up an opportunity for your kids to say or try them out. It will improve their confidence to try new words as well as their curiosity to find them.

Fix a Time for Reading

When kids start growing up, parents need to find the best time for them to sit down and read every day. It doesn't necessarily have to be school books. It doesn't also have to be the kids that are doing the reading. Fix a time to read to them too, and it will get to a point - they will want to do it or read to you as well.

Always do that like a coveted activity. It is the only way kids can make up time for reading not after they have finished playing with their friends or finished running all day.

Allow them the Luxury of Picking what they Read.

At a tender age, images, colors, pictures are a few of the things that are appealing to the young child. At this stage, it is your job to allow them to explore while you are still reading to them. Not many children take up reading at an early age. As long as you continue reading to them and allow them to pick what they like, they will come around and be at par with their peers.

Stock your Library with Lots of Materials.

Newspapers, magazines, short stories are some of the materials that help your child make the right choice. From looking at pictures in children's magazines, they might develop an interest in an image and choose to read further.

These materials serve as a bridge for more information flow into the child's reading development. They can find lots of materials that are kid friendly, which they can find interest in and develop a reading pattern for in the long run, especially with Newspapers. Newspapers allow kids to be politically cautious of happenings around them.

Read Materials Aloud

Many people find a confident reader to be someone that is very loud and fluent. As long as you continue being audible for your kids, they will want to read to become as eloquent as you. They may engage in this act for selfish reasons, e.g., Reading aloud in the class at school to impress friends.

As they get used to listening to the same story, the more they become familiar with the words used - these can, in turn, improve their vocabulary.

Read an Interesting Book Series

There is a reason why kids love short stories. Reading a book series that catches kids interest is a considerable way of stimulating their learning and reading. When you least expect it, they might steal the book and read ahead of time instead of having to wait for the suspense in the series.

Create a Conducive Environment to Read

Kids can get distracted a lot while reading. The best place you can find them reading is a place with less distraction. High windows they can't peek out from, proper ventilation and a bright-colored room is one way to go about it.

In conclusion, activities like visiting the library, playing word puzzles, creating a challenge also help too.