Discover Your Passions at Club Hour

Martin Luther School is proud to offer over 20 different clubs and organizations to engage students in extra-curricular activities. These activities are held either during Cougar Tuesday Club Hour, or after school.

During Cougar Tuesday, students have the opportunity to participate in a club (or two!) of their choice during the day without missing class. Other clubs meet after school and/or for special events.

Below you can find the descriptions for all of the clubs and organizations offered this year. However, students are welcome and encouraged to share their interests with faculty and staff--we are open to new suggestions every semester!

  • Act of Kindness Club-This club is about creating an act of kindness every day and challenging others to do the same. Students will participate in a number of anti-bullying projects and campaigns to promote a positive and bully free  environment throughout the school.

  • Art Club--Students will have the opportunity to explore and create art that interests them. Topics studied will be decided by the club members. Opportunities to work on projects for the school/community may also be included. Students may be required to bring supplies or pay materials fee, depending on project.

  • Baking Club-Did you know that Baking and Cooking are not the same? Baking often involves precise measurements to get just the perfect tasty treat! Students will learn basic baking and decorating skills of classic baked treats!

  • Badminton Club--The purpose of Badminton Club is to provide opportunities to students interested in the sport of badminton. No experience is necessary to join. Take a break from your hectic schedule and come have fun playing badminton with your fellow classmates! All equipment is provided at the practices.

  • Beatitudes Club-- A Christian fellowship club, Beatitudes Club is named after the Beatitudes, spoken by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount,  found in Matthew 5 ("Blessed are the..."). The purpose of Beatitudes Club is to bring together students who wish to worship, converse, and have fun with with their peers while remembering the sacrificial love of Jesus.

  • Board Games Club--Enjoy classic board games such as chess or Taboo and learn new ones!  Expand your mind, learn new strategies, and have a lot of fun in the board game club.  All you have to bring is a willingness to learn and a positive attitude!

  • Cartooning/Comic Art-Improve your drawing skills and get your creative juices flowing.  Using basic shapes, you'll learn to create your own cartoon character. Also, work on character development and storytelling skills!

  • Chapel Planning and Service Committee- Over the years we have been blessed by students who offer their talents to our worship every Wednesday. Between carrying the cross or candles, reading, offering special music, planning the next Stewardship chapel, putting together bulletins, discussing topics and subjects for future chapels, writing prayers of the day, and running the Powerpoint many steps are involved in Chapel.  Students interested in taking an active or behind-the-scenes role in chapel, or even those who are interested in learning more about what gathering for Chapel means are encouraged to join this club.

  • Cooking and Food Preparation-Are your cooking skills limited to making sure to remember to turn over your Hot Pocket?  Join Mr. Ruiz in the kitchen as he teaches you basic food safety and preparation as well as some tips and tricks to quick, healthy, and easy meals.

  • College and Career Prep-Students who desire to research, plan, and apply to college can use this club time for assistance with setting up college visits, gathering materials needed for applications, FAFSA, and essay writing. Additional skills will include interview practice and resume writing. 10th and 11th Grade Students may also use the time for active SAT/ACT Prep.

  • Drama Club-Students who enjoy reading, watching, or performing dramatic arts are welcome to join the Martin Luther Drama Club. The Drama Club helps support the Drama program at Martin Luther and organizes trips to theatre performances. All are welcome to join the Drama Club, and one does not need to be an actor in order to join! In additon, the Martin Luther belongs to the International Thespian Society (Troupe #980), which recognizes the efforts of students in theatre.

  • Fun with Fitness--Every Tuesday during Club Hour come to the Fitness Center to improve your health. Whether you want to improve your mile run or improve your strength training, the Fitness Center is the place for you. Spend an hour each week with the many amenities the Fitness Center has to offer. Jog on the treadmill or pick up those dumbbells to achieve a more healthy you!

  • Math Club-The Math Club is open to all students with an interest in mathematics. The purpose of the club is to stimulate an interest in mathematics and to challenge the students with problems and opportunities beyond those encountered in the classroom, as they work both individually and in groups. Problems will be drawn from a variety of sources, allowing students to practice and improve their creative problem-solving, logic, and higher-level thinking skills.

  • MLS News Team--The MLS news team will work together to produce a bi-weekly news show to be released during chapel announcements and also played on the cafeteria TV during lunch periods. The team will consist of many positions including anchors, reporters, journalists, and tech and film crew. The news show will report on various events and sports happening around the MLS community with interviews from faculty, staff, and students. Anchors will read the news on camera from the conference room while reporters conduct interviews around the school. It will surely be a fun and prideful production for all involved!

  • Money & You--Do you feel like you don't know anything about money, other than how to spend it? Come to the "Money & You" club to learn about and discuss matters of money, including but not limited to: understanding and creating a personal budget; prioritizing your needs & wants; opening and managing checking and savings accounts; how taxes affect you; credit cards (positives & negatives); various types of loans; and the stock market & investment - how they work.

  • Music-Beginning Instrumental- This group gives all students an opportunity to explore music through learning an instrument.  Solo pieces will be worked on along with group pieces.  Possible instrument choices include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.

  • The Other Side of Sports-In this club students will be shown a side of sports they are not often exposed to.  In a fun and educational way, we will discuss management and organizational behavior within the broad context of the sports industry.   Using specific reference to issues of staffing, motivation, salary, ethics, and communication to really expose students the other side of sports.   The goal is for them to leave this club at the end of the year with a stronger appreciation, understanding, and respect for the games they love to watch and play.

  • Robotics-Using Lego RCX programmable bricks and standard Lego building bricks, students will learn to program with the Lego Robolab program while building robots that will compete in challenges within the club.  

  • STEM Club- is for students who have questions, ideas, or projects they want to explore related to the topics of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. These burning questions are often not addressed in traditional science classes, and STEM club is a place to explore them through the research and engineering design process.  Students meet weekly to support one another and to get support from teachers as they conduct original research. It is geared to prepare students interested in the STEM certificate for scholarship opportunities. Younger students interested in the STEM certificate will explore different areas of STEM while older students will focus on fulfilling specific STEM certificate requirements.

  • Sci-Fi Movie and Discussion Club-In this club we will view science fiction movies as well as discuss the meaning and philosophies behind them. We will also talk about the attributes of direction and cinematography that were used to produce them.

  • Sewing Club--Anyone can join this club, no experience necessary.  This club will cover the basic ideas of hand sewing: threading a needle, replacing a button, or adding a hem to your pants.  For those of you interested, it will also introduce how to use a sewing machine for larger projects: creating some drama costumes, decorative pillows or even your own pajamas.  The possibilities are endless!

  • Student Council-- Student Council is an extra-curricular leadership club. Student council officers and representatives serve as school ambassadors at special events and help promote school pride by planning and implementing special social events for the student body.

  • Tea Club--Have you ever wondered what people do at "High Tea?" Has anyone ever asked, "Oh you fancy, huh?" Tea Club is an opportunity for students to explore the finer side of life. We will discover the elements that make up tea service across cultures. With "pinkies up" we will brew, taste and experience teas whilst delving into current events, topics and trends relating to what makes societies tick. Come curious...leave cultured!

  • World Cultures Club-Club members will explore new cultures from around the world by listening to guest speakers, being exposed to new music, media, and movies, and finally, through dialoguing and sharing with one another. Come with an open mind!

  • Yearbook--Students will design and produce the School Yearbook, Invictus. Students will learn the basics of the publishing process including: book design/elements, layout, photo editing, copy editing, and photography. The yearbook is produced on a on a version of In Design publishing program.

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