High School

The Martin Luther School offers a rigorous academic and athletic program for grades 9 - 12
with a tiered academic diploma system designed to fit the needs of individual students.
All diplomas receive the state seal indicating students have met the requirements of New York State.

Curriculum Description


The High School program follows New York State and Common Core Curriculum standards. Their college preparation can include earning the Regents Diploma, taking offered Advanced Placement or College courses, earning a STEM certificate, and participating in SAT Prep.

Athletics & Physical Education

Students have the opportunity to participate in league athletics as well as intramural competition. The Physical Education program combines exercise and curriculum to teach students the fundamentals of different sports while promoting healthy living. Students attend P.E. class every other day.

Arts & Electives

High School students can explore their artistic capabilities and interests through a variety of options. Students can learn to play an instrument and hone their skills in Symphonic Band, exercise their vocal talents through Voice Class, Mixed Chorus, or Choir, develop their visual arts talents in Major Art or Photography, and act with Thespian Troupe #980 by participating in the three-production season.

Electives offered to students vary based on student interest, and new electives are offered every year. Students can also choose to fill their schedule with additional academic classes that fit their interests.

Spiritual Life

Martin Luther School thrives on a strong tradition of theological instruction. Students attend Theology class every other day, participate in weekly chapel service, and have the opportunity to participate in Christian fellowship activities. Students are encouraged to serve in Chapel.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to participating in Tuesday Club Hour, students participate in a variety of activities and field trips throughout the year. These range from class picnics and museum visits, to singing in a Major League Ballpark, to wrestling at Madison Square Garden, to service projects and blood drives. The offerings and possibilities are endless.

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a basic MLS academic diploma, a student must successfully complete* the following Course Graduation Requirements for a total of 24.5 credits.

English...................... 4 Units
Social Studies†............ 4 Units
Mathematics†.............. 3 Units
Science†..................... 3 Units
Electives................... 2.5 Units
Physical Education........ 2 Units
Theology...................... 2 Units
World Language............ 2 Units
Art............................. 0.5 Unit
Health........................ 0.5 Unit
Music......................... 0.5 Unit
Technology................. 0.5 Unit

In addition, candidates for graduation must complete the following requirements:

  •  Take Algebra Regents Exam

  •  Take English Regents Exam

  •  Complete 32 Hours of Christian Service (minimum 8 hours per year)

*Successful completion is defined as a minimum of a 70% final yearly average for each course.

†Courses offered to follow NYS curriculum and are therefore preparatory towards the Regents Exam.

Looking ahead: The City University of New York (CUNY) requires a minimum of a 75+ on the English Regents and an 80+ on at least one Math Regents Exam). A student that doesn’t meet these requirements may meet alternative requirements including the SAT, ACT, and CUNY Assessment Test (CAT). Students admitted into CUNY programs who do not meet these requirements may be required to take non-credit bearing remediation classes.

Diploma Offerings

Martin Luther School Advanced Academic Diploma
In addition to above:
a. Three years of World Language.
b. Four years of Mathematics.
c. Hold a GPA of 80% or higher.
d. Complete a total of 3 of the following: Advanced Placement exam, SAT II exam, and/or an approved college course.

Martin Luther School Advanced Academic Diploma With Honors
In addition to sections I and II above:
1. Hold a GPA of 85% or higher.
2. Complete a total of 5 of the following: Advanced Placement exam, SAT II exam, and/or an approved college course.

New York Regents Diploma
In order to receive a New York State Regents Diploma, students must fulfill the requirements for a MLS Diploma. For a Regents Diploma, a student must receive a passing grade of 65% or higher on the following Regents Exams: English, any Math Regents Exam, Global History, United States History and Government, and any Science Regents Exam.

A student may receive an Advanced Regents Diploma if they receive a passing grade of 65% or higher on the following Regents Exams: English, Integrated Algebra (or Algebra Common Core), Geometry, Algebra 2/Trig, Global History, US History, Living Environment, and one Physical Science Regents. Advanced Regents Diploma also requires three years of World Language with a proficiency exam (Checkpoint B). A student may earn Honors designation on the Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma if they achieve a 90+ average on required Regents exams.

STEM Certificate

Students may earn an additional academic merit certificate in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics by completing the tasks outlined here.

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