Cougar kickoff & Fall Prep Rally

Our Cougar Kick off and Fall Pep Rally will take place in the Gymnasium.  Students are allowed to dress down in RED and WHITE!!
Dress Code Guidelines for Pep Rally: Black, red, or white jeans, pants, sweatpants, or swishy pants are permitted. TORN/RIPPED/FRAYED  or CUT OFFS ARE NOT PERMITTED. (NO GRAY, BLUE, MAROON, PINK, MAGENTA shades etc.) Blue jeans, leggings, shorts, pajamas are NOT allowed.
Dresses/skirts are allowed. Shirts are predominantly red and white! Sneakers are allowed – black, red, white.  Cougar gear permitted.  NO boots, sandals, flip flops/slides/slippers. NO ragged, torn, tight fitting, or excessively short or oversized clothing. NO bare midriffs, tank tops. NO T-shirts or clothing with any inappropriate type of logo or message. NOTHING with violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco,or vaping.  Students may choose to stay in the MLS dress code. Clothing is required to be of appropriate length and fitting.


Sep 23 2022
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