International Student Admissions

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We are delighted that you are considering becoming a part of the MLS family by continuing your education here in the United States. MLS fosters an environment that allows both international and domestic students to learn and grow as a community.

International Applicants

We look forward to guiding you through the application process.  MLS does provide ESL students with extra supports such as tutoring, teacher and current student supports that can help with the adjustments due to language and cultural changes.  


MLS does not provide housing.  Those seeking living accommodations should contact our partner that provides Homestay, AHLI


International students tuition is $19,500 USD. per year. This includes Apple iPad, books, health insurance, meal plan, and locker. Before the I-20 is generated, there is a required $5000 deposit when an applicant is accepted.

Applications Process

1. Apply online and follow the application ‘checklist’ to upload your supporting documents.
Click Here (Passport, Parent/Guardian current bank statements, TOEFL (80) score or IELTS score, 2-Teacher References and a personal statement)

2. Report Cards past two years. Foreign Transcripts must be evaluated and sent to SpanTran evaluation service.

3. Formal Interview with parents and the applicant via Zoom.

International Student Quote

As an international student, I feel associated and involved at my school and in the community. On my first day at school I found other native students friendly and willing to talk to me.  In a brand-new environment I was shy to speak English.  Moreover, the teachers are always nice and kind to me. They compliment us. We are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas and they are willing to listen and help us. Martin Luther is a small school allowing students and teachers to connect with each other. I enjoy my school life at MLS so much!!! – Jenny Leung Class of 23’ 

(Translated into her language)

作为一个留学生,我能很好地融入学校以及社会。第一天来学校的时候,在一个全新的陌生环境里,我去找外国人讲英语的时候还是会有点害羞。 但是我发现他们都超级友好, 而且很愿意跟我交流。 然后老师当然也非常温柔啦!他们真的很会夸!如果我们有什么问题或者想法的话,老师们也会很认真的听,然后帮我们一起去解决。 虽然MLS这学校挺小的, 但是这让学生跟老师更好的相处呀。总而言之,我还挺享受我在MLS的美高生活啦!


Kai Zheny 

I have been a Martin Luther School student for 4 years now. I wake up early at 7 a.m because our school day starts at 8 a.m. I don’t mind waking up at 7 a.m because  I look forward to coming to school.  My teacher’s passion, my classmate’s warmth wakes me up and gives me strength.  When I arrive at school most often I can expect teachers and my friends to turn around and smile, saying “good morning.” These types of connections we have at our school affect me deeply. 

Choosing to come to America is a big decision.  Initially,  I was worried about other people’s acceptance and judgements on me based on who I am and what I look like.  Instead I experienced patience and forgiveness and it was limitless.  Teachers at MLS go way beyond to make sure I understand my subjects.  I feel lucky to have received an acceptance at MLS.  We look forward to welcoming you to our school! -Kai Zheny Class of 23

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